Playstation 3 (PS3) owners who bought their unit between November 1, 2006 and April 1, 2010 from an authorized US dealer could be owed as much as $55 due to the firmware used which didn’t allow its OS to run Linux. While few people wanted to run Linux on their PS3, a handful of buyers are furious and seeking compensation from Sony. The suit was originally filed by Anthony Ventura.

To claim the $55 payout, you have to submit an online form (or send the claim by mail) with proof that you purchased the PS3 within the aforementioned date range as well as proof that use used the “Other OS” feature. Additionally, if you have proof you purchased the PS3 but can only claim (and don’t have proof) that you intended to use the “Other OS” feature or “lost value or desired functionality” due to the firmware update, you can submit a settlement claim to receive just $9, according to the notice. Either way, it’s money back in your pocket.

The deadline to submit a claim form is December 7, 2016. But before you get too excited about getting some of your money back and take the time to fill out the form, be sure to read through the full settlement notice to make sure you’re actually eligible. If all goes as planned, you might get enough cash to buy yourself a new PS4 game, or better yet, maybe a nice bottle of bourbon.

Click here to file your claim with Sony