In a recent announcement, Vanessa Bryant, United States District Judge, dismissed two wrongful cases against the WWE that were filed by Casandra Frazier and Michelle James, on behalf of Matt Osborn.

Matt Osborn - WWE Wrestler with Brain Damage

Matt Osborne, known to millions of wrestling fans as Doink the Clown and “Maniac” Matt Osborne, passed away on June 28th 2013 from an accidental opiate overdose at 55-years old.

Nelson Frazier - WWE Wrestler with Brain Damage

Nelson Frazier, who appeared as various wrestling personalities including Mabel, Viscera, and Big Daddy V, passed away at just 42-years old from a heart attack on February 18, 2014.

Both cases claimed the former WWE Superstars suffered brain damage while working for the entertainment conglomerate that subsequently lead to their untimely deaths. It’s important to note that neither wrestler had their brain examined postmortem to scan for CTE symptoms. Frazier’s body was immediately cremated following his passing, making any necessary testing impossible.

Judge Bryant ruled Michelle James, Matt Osborne’s girlfriend, didn’t provide enough evidence that Osborne suffered from CTE or that CTE would even lead to the overdose that killed him. She also ruled that James couldn’t legally file a wrongful death action against anyone, as she’s not an administrator nor executor of Osborne’s estate. It was suggested James re-file the claim with a member of Osborne’s family, but Judge Bryant warned that the case would be futile because attorney’s haven’t plead a plausible cause of action.

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